The time is now to create the future of our dreams. 

Join The Online Portal

The Gathering is over, but you can still access the magic in the Online Portal, an expansive collaboration of wayshowers, mystics and leaders from around the globe . Sharing their innate wisdom and experiences with you. The Way Forward is truly Awakened and Embodied Feminine Leadership.

Our Village

Our Village is in hibernation as the next iteration is being birthed. The village is  a portal to gather, share, collaborate and rise together, as conscious collaborators. We powerful as individuals, together we move mountains and shift paradigms.

Birthing In New Earth

A collaboration of conscious leaders, gathering as one to share their wisdom and medicine with the world. 
We have Gathering packages, a podcast, digital community and many other ways to connect with us through out the year.

Why Community?

Now more than ever it is time to come together, to support and lift each other up. The old and dated patriarchal systems are no longer serving us and new narratives are on the rise, reconnecting us to ancient ways of being.

When we begin our healing journey and tap into our inner knowing, we become very powerful. When we come together as a collective of powerful individuals, our strength is beyond measure.

Welcome beautiful soul!

Hi, my name is Samantha, I am the founder of Birthing in New Earth and I'm so excited you are here!

Welcome to this beautifully heart lead space to explore connect and revel alongside kindred spirit. Birthing in New Earth is a global collective that holds the intention and vision to create the world we dream of, to build systems, and nurture ways that serve humanity.  

Our international collective is dedicated to sharing their passions. They are consciously creating a better world by being leaders and experts in their fields, weaving their magic and crumbling the matrix paradigms that no longer serve.

If you have been drawn to lean into this space, I hand on heart say there is a reason why.  Perhaps you have embarked on your own healing journey, are running a soul-led business, or desiring a connection with soul family.

Where ever you are in your journey I invite you to step in, take a peek and become curious about what magic this space holds for you.

Samantha xx



"The way forward is not to look for direction from outside ourselves, but to look within.  
To heal individual and collective wounds and begin creating communities where we lift each other up, take care of each other and Mother Earth.  
This is how New Earth is born, this is how new systems are built that serve humanity.  
Let us make change from the ground up and rise together in Unity. 
We are the bridge to New Earth.”

Samantha Briatico ~
 Founder of Birthing in New Earth

The Way Forward Gathering

Online Portal

The three day immersion has finished, but you can still access the magic in the Online Portal, 

This portal is a collaboration of wayshowers, mystics and leaders from around the globe. You will be held, inspired, activated, and initiated deep into soul purpose by a collective of women who are already answering the call to lead.
Join us in the Portal.
The Way Forward is together.
The Way Forward is Awakened and Embodied Feminine Leadership.



Awakening the Divine Feminine in birth, business and spirituality 

Join us on the journey as we birth in a new earth together!




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